Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Looking ahead

Looking forward to the new year already, looking forward to the new fashions and looking forward to all the great hunts that the new year will bring.

Yes, hunt organizers often are planning several months in advance. Deciding themes, times, number of stores and even little things such as how crowded a given month is likely to be.

Right now you are looking at the first tendrils of an exciting new hunt that will start in January 2012! This hunt will focus on fashion and avatar appearance, and will be a dual path hunt. His Style and Her Style will come together in a single hunt and sales event to help ring in the new year with a fashion explosion.

Here are the tentative details:

The hunt is dual path. This allows the men to get items only for them, and likewise for the ladies. To keep the hints simple the groups covering hints will be the His Style and Her Style groups.

This is also a sales event! Each vendor will be required to have at least 2 new sale items for L$100 or less. Although an upper limit is not in place, it is suggested no more than 10 associated sale items. It is recommended that the vendors coordinate the hunt item with the sales items to present complete looks, though this is not required.

So now you're interested and want to participate! Great! Here are some details:

Given the fashion nature of this hunt the focus will be on avatar accessories and appearance. Skin, hair, shapes, clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes and similar stores will be the focus of this hunt. While we all love the other offerings that SL creators bring, this hunt will not be able to bring focus to non-avatar appearance based stores. We still love you though. :)

Want to apply as a vendor? Public applications will open on November 1st. Keep checking back.

Are you a blogger who wants to blog about the hunt? Please visit the blogger application tab and fill out the form. We'll be looking for bloggers of both male and female items, as well as longer term bloggers who want to post to the His Style and Her Style blogs.

Don't forget to add this blog to your reading as we approach the new year and get closer to this exciting new hunt!